Cable ONE (Now Sparklight) provides video, internet and phone services to over 1.3 million subscribers in 19 states battling industry giants like CenturyLink, AT&T and DirecTV with similar product offerings. With a fraction of the competitors media dollars and resources, a powerful message benefit that would change the game and increase subscribers was needed. Proprietary and third party research showed that customer viewing habits were changing. So while the competition was talking about breath of channels, we made a strategic decision to change our focus and own internet speed. The resulting integrated campaign named “The Face of Fast” showed the dramatic difference internet speed could make in your life.
From frustration to elation. The results of owning speed came just as quickly.
All time record in High-Speed Internet Market share. 91% online awareness of Cable ONE advertising. 85% of our competitive users considering switching are aware of Cable ONE advertising.

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